Note: During this time, the women and children from poor families had to work to survive. Unions and certain politicians were more and more questioning the impact of working women and children on the family. According to the following extract, what measure had to be taken to protect family life? Would you like to live in a society where children had to work so many hours each week?


“This House wishes to express [sic] the hope that the government of this province will take action to stop this situation that is causing a real intellectual and physical burnout among women and children who work in industries, endangering their health and seriously compromising the future of working families in this province.

It believes the work hours are too long. Today, women and childrenwork in factories an average of 60 hours each week. This is a system of mental and physical exertion that is detrimental to the health of working families. Fifty-five hours should be the limit. I petition the House to express the wish that this state of affairs be discontinued.”



Source of extract:
Free translation of Les débats de l’Assemblée législative, 27 mai 1909.