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LES by RECITUS: New France around 1645: A report for the King

New France around 1645: How is the colony in New France developing around 1645?

It is 1645. You are asked to report to the King of France about the development of New France. As a final product, you will create a slideshow or scrapbook detailing what you have learned about the colony. You will also give recommendations on how the king can further the colony’s development.  

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The RÉCIT univers social has produced several Learning Activities (In French) that use the texts in the Societies and Territories site.    With permission,  and distributed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, LEARN and its partners have begun the process of adapting these activities into English, and occasionally will be creating variations based on their activities.



This LES has 8 sections. 

We created a Teacher Booklet that contains software suggestions and an overview of each section.  You can access the Teacher Booklet here.