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Analysis Templates: Learning about societies and territories using images and documents

This Google Slides presentation contains three templates to compare documents about societies and territories. There is one template for each social sciences competency. These documents were created for local history projects but could be used to explore the key societies and territories covered in the program. 

Here is how to get started:

  1. Select the template that corresponds to the competency you want to activate.
  2. Add two documents and their sources (like photos, news clippings, recordings, etc.). The documents should relate to the same aspect (economics, politics, specific social movements, etc.) for the society or societies you are studying. You can even use these templates to explore local history!
  3. Give the completed template to someone to activate their knowledge, curiosity and emotions.

Here is an example using images to examine changes in Quebec Society around 1905 and 1980 (Competency 2).

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