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Connect the Facts – Societies and Concepts for 1980+

This is a new 1980s version of the original Connect the Facts Gaming Strategy
(available for Societies in the 1500’s here)

Teams amass points by identifying the societies portrayed on the fronts of playing cards, by classifying them according to the aspects, and by connecting the information to various big ideas and concepts. This card game strategy could be used to review and remind students of the facts related to the different societies studied in and around 1980. It assumes previous knowledge of each society, of the various aspects, and of at least some of the key concepts referred to.  

Game Setup, Board, Tools and Instructions:  
The game’s instructions are available here as an editable Google document >>.

Cards for circa 1980+     
Access available google folders of cards.  Open them to edit them individually.

Inuit >>

Mi’kmaq >> 

Quebec >>

To download the whole folder of cards as images, right-click on the folder itself.  This will download .png versions which you can then use or print as you like.   

Higher-quality single PDF versions (exported June 10) are also available here.  

Teachers:  An approach to how to teach concepts and connections is under development here.  See also Establish Facts guides for Connect Facts that are available here.)