Clan: A clan is a group of people that are united by actual or perceived kinship, that is they are related by birth or marriage, etc. Clan systems are often used to determine how things are passed down through generations.

Clans in indigenous societies tend to be exogamous, meaning that their members cannot marry one another.

Clans came before more centralized forms of community organization and government, and exist in every country.

Members may identify with a coat of arms or another symbol to show they are an independent clan. … When this is non-human, it is referred to as a totem, which is frequently an animal.


Système de clans – Un système de clans est une façon de déterminer comment les gens sont liés les uns aux autres. C’est un système utilisé par de nombreuses sociétés différentes. La plupart du temps, les membres d’un clan spécifique ont des liens de famille ou ont un ancêtre commun.

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