Throughout the site you will start to find collections of activities we are entitling “Be a History Detective“.  These quick discussion challenges, ask  students to investigate, and to search for clues within a set of images or within other types of documents.  With only a small choice to work from, and from which there are often no wrong or right answers!, students need to choose only one image and explain why it best represents a concept or big idea.  Or another task might ask them to reveal which one document does not belong.  Or perhaps the could find pairs of items that that suggest similarities or differences.  The possibilities are endless! 

Printable as large 17 by 11 placemats, these online documents could also be used in a virtual environment, or the links to sections in the Societies and Territories web site could also provide added contexts (and larger versions of the images!) so that students could go beyond the initial explorations and discussions to find even more evidence to help them form their conclusions.

Here are the available examples for the section on the Inuit in 1980 and beyond!

Inuit 1980 – Concepts and other Big Ideas (LEARN/RSB)