Mines play an important role in Nunavik’s history and economy. In Nunavik, copper and nickel mines are privately owned by Canadian Royalties Inc and Glencore Canada. After the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, these companies signed agreements with Inuit partners including local landholding organizations, the Makivik Corporation, and local community representatives. These agreements help to ensure that the companies are committed to respecting the land, Inuit peoples, and the priorities of Nunavik communities.

According to their websites (2021), Canadian Royalties and Glencore each employ more than 1000 people; this includes a combination of Nunavik Inuit and Southern employees. 

Author:  Text by LEARN Social Sciences, based on Canadian Royalties website  (https://www.glencore.ca/en/) and Glencore Canada website (https://www.glencore.ca/en/)

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