Nunavik offers unique experiences to travelers including hunting, fishing, kayaking, rafting, hiking, snowmobile trips, and more. It is a wonderful place to travel for everyone, particularly those who enjoy participating in outdoor activities. Unfortunately, there are still no roads to Nunavik, and air travel remains expensive. In 2020, a return trip between Montreal and Kuujjuaq (2.5 hours each way) costs around $3000. Traveling to smaller communities that are further north is even more expensive. 

There are now 3 National Parks in Nunavik that are open to travelers: Pingualuit, Kuururjuaq, and Tursujuq National Park. Each park offers different packages to travelers year-round. To learn more about each park and the experiences offered, check out the Nunavik Parks’ website.

There are also festivals each year in many communities. People from other villages in Nunavik and southern Canada travel to these festivals. One popular festival that occurs in Kuujjuaq each August is Aqpik Jam. During the Aqpik Jam festival, there are many events like an Aqpik berry picking contest. There are also musical performances each night. Another popular event is the Puvirnituq Snow Festival. One of the highlights of this festival is the snow sculpture contest. 

Author:  Text by LEARN Social Sciences, based on Nunavik Parks, Destination Nord, Puvirnituq Snow Festival, and Aqpik Jam Festival

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