New France around 1645

Jeanne Mance

Just like Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, Jeanne Mance’s name is still very present in Montréal today. You can find a street, schools, park, and organizations named after her. But this is not the only thing she had in common with him: She was also born in France and helped found the city of Montréal in 1642.

The Hôtel-Dieu

Jeanne Mance was different from the other women of her time because she did not want to marry or become a nun, even though she was very religious. Instead, she wanted to care for the sick. She founded the first hospital in Montréal: the Hôtel-Dieu. She even returned to France three times to seek help for the small colony. During her second trip, she brought back three hospital nuns to help her run the hospital.

Unlike Mr. de Maisonneuve, Jeanne Mance remained in Montréal until her death in 1673.

Author: Service national du Récit de l’univers social

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