Clearing the land was hard work, the summers were short and the winters were cold, but the habitants (peasants) of New France managed to survive by growing wheat and vegetables. They also discovered new foods like corn, squash and beans.

Hunting and fishing

Hunting and fishing provided enough meat and fish for everyone. Game such as moose, bear and beaver could be found in the many forests surrounding the settlements and throughout the territory of New France. Most of the fishing was done in the Gulf of St Lawrence near Acadia. It provided enough cod to meet the needs of the habitants.

New foods of America

Indigenous peoples introduced the French colonists to many new foods. In addition to vegetables like corn, squash and beans, and meat like moose, bear, and beaver, Indigenous peoples also introduced settlers to maple sap, a sweet liquid they loved. All these foods provided the inhabitants of New France with a more varied diet.

Author: Alexandre Lanoix. Translation and adaptation by LEARN.

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