Mr. de Laviolette was the founder of one of the first towns in the province of Québec. Can you guess which one? Here are some hints: Its name begins with a number, it is halfway between Québec City and Montréal, and it is located at the mouth of the Saint-Maurice River, where it splits in two then joins the “third” river, the St. Lawrence river.  Look closely at the map if you still aren’t sure.  Remember, three in French is “Trois”! 

In fact, it was Champlain who noticed during his first trip to New France that this would make the perfect spot for a settlement, particularly for protecting the fur trade route. But it was only 30 years later, in 1634, that he sent Sieur de Laviolette to found the Trois-Rivières trading post.

The year before, the Algonquins of the Trois-Rivières region had come to ask Champlain to build a fort near their territory. Mr. Laviolette commanded this fortified post for two years, from 1634 to 1636. As a result, he was often visited by the Hurons, Algonquins and Montagnais. Laviolette probably returned to France in the summer of 1636.

Author: Service national du Récit de l’univers social


Note:  Some historians have doubts about Laviolette’s role.  Some believe there was another right hand man of Champlain!)

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