Quebec’s cultural make-up was very different in 1980 from what it had been in 1905. The main reason was the rise in and diversification of immigration especially in Quebec’s large cities. This was especially true in Montreal where Quebeckers of diverse backgrounds come together every day. People from Italian, Portuguese, Jewish, Chinese and Haitian communities gathered together in neighborhoods where they reproduced some elements of the lifestyle of their country of origin. Just a few blocks from home, one could walk on St-Laurent in Montreal and come across the living environments of a variety of cultural groups. Outside of Montreal, the situation was quite different.

Jacques, Quebec

“Over the past few years, people from many different countries have come to live in Quebec City. There are not many, but through their work and their actions, they contribute to economic and social development. It is very interesting to meet them and learn about their culture. They show us their food, their history and music.”

Source: Archives de Radio-Canada, L’école québécoise ou le choc des cultures, 16 septembre 1985.

Sylvie, Rouyn-Noranda

Very few immigrants move to Abitibi. Most prefer to live in Montreal where there are various cultural communities. It’s hard for us to imagine a city with so many cultures: Almost everyone is an original Quebecker or a “Québécois de souche”…

Author:  Alexandre Lanoix

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