Health care for all

My name is Manuella, and I immigrated to Quebec a couple of months ago. Since I’ve just arrived, I’m still learning a lot of things about Quebec. When I first arrived, the immigration agents explained that since 1970 there has been health care insurance. This system allows all Quebeckers to get free health care in hospitals and private clinics. We just have to present our “Carte Soleil” to be taken care of. I think health care insurance is a great idea because it allows all Quebeckers, rich or poor, to get health care

CLSCs – Centres locaux de services communautaires

They also explained that since 1972, it has been possible to go to a CLSC for not only health care but other services as well. For example, I can take prenatal courses, get a vaccination or see a psychologist. There’s a CLSC in every neighbourhood, and each one offers services that are adapted for the residents of each particular neighbourhood. When I have a health problem that isn’t urgent, I go to my local CLSC instead of a hospital.  This is closer and faster.

A no-fee system

I was talking with my neighbour Claude the other day, and he told me that it wasn’t always like this. He explained that in the 1960s, the Church was in charge of the hospitals and patients had to pay to get care. People who didn’t have the money had to rely on charity from the Church in order to get health care.

Author:  Alexandre Lanoix

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