Québec around 1980



Between 1905 and 1980, Quebec’s territory expanded toward the north, and it stretched all the way to the Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay. This region came to be known as Northern Quebec. It was also known as Nunavik as it was called by the Inuit population.

Eastern Quebec is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Labrador. Southeastern Quebec is bordered by the United States while the Outaouais River marks its southwestern border with Ontario. Its western border is bounded by Hudson Bay and James Bay.  Its borders have remained the same since 1820.


The rest of Canada’s territory has also undergone changes. First, Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949. Then, the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba grew by incorporating a portion of the Northwest Territories. These were extended right up to the North Pole. In 1999, the Northwest Territories was divided in two to form Nunavut. This area is mainly inhabited by the Inuit, who occupy the entire eastern part of the Northwest Territories.

Author:  Alexandre Lanoix



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