Québec around 1980

Less and less religion

In 1980, Quebeckers were increasingly abandoning religious practice. This did not mean that they completely renounced religion, but they no longer saw religion in the same way. An estimated 45% of Quebeckers attended church in 1980 while this number was about 85% in 1960. The role of the Church in society had radically changed

Churches were emptying

During this same period, most Quebeckers changed their religious habits. Many stopped traditional practices and stopped going to church every week. Most Quebeckers still called themselves Catholic but practiced their religion in other ways, often without a ceremony or a priest.

Religious holidays

Quebeckers were still celebrating religious holidays like Christmas and Easter, but these holidays no longer meant the same as before. These were now occasions for families to get together. Christmas was becoming more and more commercial and had become an occasion to exchange gifts rather than celebrate the birth of Jesus. There were still many religious symbols, but their significance had changed a lot in just a few years.

Author:  Alexandre Lanoix

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