Hi, my name is Jean-Guy, and I’m a farmer in the Saint-Hyacinthe area. Even though my production is increasing every year and my land is large enough, the job of a farmer is not easy. In recent years, several producers in the region have sold their land to move to the city.


On my farm, I grow only corn which I sell to other farmers to feed their herds. Each farm has its own speciality. We are long past the time when they grew grains, fruits and vegetables, raised a few pigs to feed the family and sold the rest at a market. In 1905, farms had already started to be specialized, but in 1980 monoculture was the norm. Most farmers in my area raise livestock. Pork, poultry and beef are the most common products, but milk production is the largest in Quebec.

Innovation and technology for agriculture

It was during the 1960s that I took possession of my farm and the government set up programs to help us improve production. With the help of these programs, I bought machinery, I started using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, I have modernized the farm and I converted my crop to corn. I now practice monoculture and my land has been much more profitable ever since.

Protection of agricultural zones

In 1978, the Quebec government passed a law to protect agricultural lands from urban expansion. This law was necessary because more and more houses were being built on agricultural land. Thanks to this law, certain farms were designated as permanent agricultural zones and could never be used for anything else but farming. Living in a rural area sometimes means that I have to travel longer distances to access services and stores that are only common in urban and rural areas, farming is something I enjoy.

Author:  Alexandre Lanoix

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